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Below are some of the log file locations which DBAs may need to access quite frequently in R12.2.

Green color boxes indicates location where log files are.

























Log files file Online patching (adop)

The adop log files are located on the non-editioned file system (fs_ne), under:


This log directory will contain patch logs, patch worker logs and other patch related log files created for specific purposes
Also, some patch tasks may create separate log files in the same directory.

Online pathcing filesystem cloning process related log files are found under:



Log files for Autoconfig process

On Applicaion Tier: $INST_TOP/admin/log/<MMDDhhmm>
On Database Tier: $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/log/<CONTEXT_NAME>/<MMDDhhmm>



Log files for start/stop of services from $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME

In below directory you will find log files related to start/stop process of oacore, forms, apache, opmn, weblogic admin server/node manager:




Log/Out files for Concurrent programs/managers

The path is defined by same variables that we used earlier for 11i/R12.1 . Log/Out files are stored in Non-Editioned filesystem.

Log files: $APPLCSF/$APPLLOG (or $NE_BASE/inst/<CONTEXT_NAME>/logs/appl/conc/log)
Out files: $APPLCSF/$APPLOUT (or $NE_BASE/inst/<CONTEXT_NAME>/logs/appl/conc/out)



Log files for OPMN and OHS processes

Below directory contains log files related OPMN process(opmn.log), OPMN Debug logs(debug.log), HTTP Transaction logs (access.log), security settings related logs.




Log file for Weblogic Node Manager

Log file is generated by Node Manager and contains data for all domains that are controlled by Node Manager on a given physical machine.




Log file for Weblogic Oracle Management Service log file

Initial settings AdminServer and Domain level information is written in this log file




Log files for server processes initiated through Weblogic

Stdout and stderr messages generated by the server instance (server instnaces like forms, oafm, oacore etc) at NOTICE severity level or higher are written by Weblogic Node Manager to below directory.




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  1. Avisek Roy Avisek Roy

    Really helpful….

  2. Veera Veera

    Hi Brijesh ,
    In 12.2 instance View log/out only one button is working 2nd one giving Authentication failed. error.

    if click View log 2nd time its giving same Authentication failed error.

    can I get any Clue

    • Brijesh Gogia Brijesh Gogia

      Veera- As such I have never seen such issues with our R12.2 instances. I will encourage you to read Doc ID 2118950.1 once if it is helpful to you.

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