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User and responsibility Query

Some useful scripts related to Oracle Apps (11i,R12) are listed.

The list is updated regularly so keep coming back for updated version of this webpage.

Script to check user availability

set lines 132

col USER_NAME format a50



Script to find list of responsibility attached to a specific userid OR all userids

set lines 132
col user_name format a25
col responsibility format a40
col application format a40

SELECT UNIQUE fu.user_id,
fu.user_name user_name,
fr.responsibility_key responsibility,
fa.application_name application
FROM fnd_user fu,
fnd_user_resp_groups fg,
fnd_application_tl fa,
fnd_responsibility fr
WHERE fg.user_id(+) = fu.user_id
AND fg.responsibility_application_id = fa.application_id
AND fa.application_id = fr.application_id
AND fg.responsibility_id = fr.responsibility_id
AND fu.user_name like upper(‘%&user_name%’)
AND fg.end_date is Null
ORDER BY fu.user_id,


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