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Gather Statistics in R12 (and 11i)

What is ‘Gather Statistics’?


When the data is updated continuously by updating, inserting or deleting of by  users (Functional/Technical/End users), it becomes necessary to gather statistics as the performance of database goes down.

Oracle has provided a nice solution for it. This can be done by simply submitting a request from EBS.  Oracle E-Business Suite provides concurrent programs that use the package FND_STATS to gather statistics for your applications database objects.

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Configure Parallel Concurrent Processing (PCP) in EBS R12

Parallel Concurrent Processing (PCP):

PCP is the method by which we configure the Concurrent Manager in a multi tier environment with 2 or more concurrent nodes. This allows concurrent processing load to be distributed across the nodes and provides high availability in case of node failure. Managers migrate to surviving node (failover)when one of the concurrent nodes goes down and migrate back (failback) when the failed node comes back.

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Multiplex control file in 11gR2 RAC ASM using RMAN

After creating 11g R2 RAC database for the EBS R12, we wanted to enable multiplexing for the control files. Oracle recommends multiplexing the control files . We are using ASM for the storage of control files.

At the time of creating the database by dbca we can do multiplexing or we can also do later manually as described below.
Goal:- We have control file in the +DATA disk group and we want to also keep it in another disk group +OCR_VOTE for multiplexing.

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RAC 11g useful commands

Some useful RAC 11G commands are documented below.    STOP SEQUENCE COMMAND                                   DESCRIPTION —————————————————————————————— srvctl stop database -d ORCL              STOP DATABASE  srvctl stop instance -d ORCL…

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