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Oracle EBS R12 – Concurrent request log and output files display with delay

We faced one issue in our Oracle EBS R12  where users reported that Concurrent request log and output files are not displaying instantly but are showing up after few seconds of delay.

Same situation was faced when trying to open any manager log files. Since log/out were opening up fine, albeit with some delay, so RRA/FNDWR setup was evidently fine.

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REP-0189: Cannot write to Reports Server cache

We had seen one issue in EBS R12 in which simple report porgamrs like “Active users”  were throwing erorrs like below:

 Enter Password:
 REP-0118: Unable to create a temporary file.

REP-0189: Cannot write to Reports Server cache
 REP-0069: Internal error
 REP-57054: In-process job terminated:Terminated with error:
 REP-189: Cannot write to Reports Server cache
 this is the error in Log file
 APPLLCSP Environment Variable set to :

Current NLS_LANG and NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS Environment Variables are :

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Oracle Workflow related frequently used queries

Below are some of the useful workflow script that we use frequently in our 11i/R12 instances


set pagesize 100
set linesize 132 
set feedback off 
set verify off 
col value format a35 
col component_name format a30 
select c.component_id, c.component_name, p.parameter_id, p.parameter_name, v.parameter_value value 
from fnd_svc_comp_param_vals_v v, fnd_svc_comp_params_b p, fnd_svc_components c 
where c.component_type = 'WF_MAILER' 
and v.component_id = c.component_id and v.parameter_id = p.parameter_id and p.parameter_name in ( 'INBOUND_SERVER','ACCOUNT', 'REPLYTO') 
order by c.component_id, c.component_name,p.parameter_name;

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Online Patching (ADOP) in Oracle EBS R12.2

Online patching is supported by the capability of storing multiple application editions in the database, and the provision of a dual application tier file system. At any given point in time, one of these file systems is designated as run (part of the running system) and the other as patch (either being patched or awaiting the start of the next patching cycle).

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WebSessionManagerProc could not be resolved has been detected in FND_WEB_SEC.VALIDATE_LOGIN

We faced one clone issue in EBS R12. The login screen was blank and oacore log has the below error message
“javax.servlet.ServletException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Guest user/pwd does not exist or match: GUEST/ORACLE”

GUEST user validation was also failing.

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apps database login hangs after database refresh

In our EBS R12/ 11g database we have seen that apps database user login from SQLPLUS hangs after refresh.


During refresh process, after database recover/open and starting the database listener, apps login starts to hang. adconfig/ also hangs as it uses apps to connect to database
On checking alert log, there were continuous “inbound connection timed out (ORA-3136)” error.
On stopping the database listener, apps login was working fine.

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Oracle EBS R12 Appslogin showing http 404

One of our EBS R12 was inaccessible and was throwing generic http-404 erorr for the login page. On the application side adopmnctl was showing status ACTIVE for all the required procesees.

Simple HTML file like http://<server_name>:<port>/OA_HTML/test.html was also not opening means it was Apache issue or Oacore issue since definition of OA_HTML in html link is given by OACORE.

Error message in the Browser was like below:

Not Found

The requested URL /OA_HTML/test.html was not found on this server.

In one of the Apache server log we were able to see that it is trying to find the file under portal directory which is not the correct place

    <MSG_TEXT>File does not exist: /fs01/<SID>/inst/apps/<CONTEXT_NAME>/portal/OA_HTML/test.html</MSG_TEXT>

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Java Classpath missing in Oracle Apps 11i

If you need to add any new classpath to the $CLASSPATH variable in Oracle Apps 11i please see below example:




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REP-54002: file : Cache item is no longer valid

We have observed many requests of couple of concurrent prorgams in our R12 instance go into error with below kind of message:

Enter Password:
MSG-01001: Entering AfterPForm
MSG-01001: Starting to retrive former request parameter by request ID
MSG-01001: Exiting AfterPForm
MSG-01010: :S_BATCH_COUNT = 0
REP-0069: Internal error
REP-57054: In-process job terminated:Executed successfully but there were some errors when distribute the output
REP-50159: Executed successfully but there were some errors when distribute the output
REP-54002: file : Cache item is no longer valid

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