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Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) 13c – Part 3 : New Features in OEM 13c (13.2)

OEM 13c (13.2) has many new features which make this version more useful than the previous OEM versions. If you are moving from OEM 12c to OEM 13c first change you will find will be that the appearance and look and feel of application is change a lot. In the starting you may feel little overwhelmed as you may be working for long in OEM 13c and may have got accustomed to it.

Some of the noteworthy new features of OEM 13.2 are mentioned below:


Oracle VM enables virtual machines to be deployed, managed, and moved throughout Oracle’s public and private cloud infrastructure. Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c can manage Oracle VM technologies efficiently. The Enterprise Manager for Oracle Virtualization (VT) Plug-in has been extended to work seamlessly with Oracle’s latest server virtualization product, Oracle VM Release 3.4

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Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) 13c – Part 2 : Capabilities of OEM

OEM tool has improved a lot in last decade. Oracle has added so many new features to it and fixed many software bugs. In coming years OEM will prove more important as the OEM capabilities are constantly increasing and the increasing trend of Hybrid setups (cloud and non-cloud) requires some monitoring tool which successfully monitors all kind of setups.

This post will describes some noteworthy capabilities of OEM and what all you can achieve by using OEM with your technological setups.

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Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) 13c – Part 1 : Basics and Architecture

Oracle Enterprise Manager is Oracle’s solution to manage/monitor various database/applications which may be running on Cloud infrastructure or on-premise. OEM 13c is the latest version at the time of writing this post. In this post we will discuss about the architectural components which are required by Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Below is simple architectural representations of an OEM 13c setup.

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