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SYSADMIN login performance issue in Oracle EBS R12

In our EBS system, we found that SYSADMIN login was slow. It was taking around 4-5 minutes to login and when inside the EBS application it was taking 2-3 minutes every time we were navigating in the self-service pages. This issue was not occurring for normal EBS users. We thought of applying the trace to SYSADMIN user to find the root cause of it.

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EBS Database Parameter Settings Analyzer

All Oracle Apps DBA must have referred below Note id at least once in their career. Most of us refer it  during installation and upgrade of Oracle EBS
application to verify if we have right set if database parameters defined for the optimum performance of EBS application.

Database Initialization Parameters for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 (Doc ID 396009.1)

This document has all the required database parameters which are common to all the database release and which are required by EBS application. It also contains release specific database initialization parameters for different releases like 10g, 11g, 12c etc.

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The Applications File Server could not open the file for read in Oracle EBS

One of our EBS R12 instance was giving below kind of errors when users were trying to open the log and out files of Concurrent requests from EBS front end.

“The Applications File Server could not open the file /fs01/logs/appl/conc/log/l106163221.req for read”

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Reorg tables and indexes in Oracle EBS Applications – Best Practices

Usually in OLTP environment like EBS Applications, tables are often get fragmented due to multiple DML activities that happens.Fragmented tables cause queries on those tables to slow down. It is very important to de-fragment this table and to reclaim the fragmented space from these objects.

For EBS we have also seen  that usually gathered statistics, indexing and proper SQL tuning is plenty to improve and maintain acceptable performance but sometime it is required to reorg the table.

One primary cause of fragmentation is that when you run delete command on the tables it delete the rows but doesn’t frees up the memory and also do not changes the high water mark.

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Output Post Processor (OPP) related issues in 11i/R12

Concurrent processing uses the Output Post Processor (OPP) to enforce post-processing actions for concurrent requests. Post-processing actions are actions taken on concurrent request output. An example of a post-processing action is that used in publishing concurrent requests with XML Publisher.

Apps DBAs have to sometimes troubleshoot issues related to OPP. Many a times issues are related to java memory with error messages like below:

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Oracle EBS R12 – Concurrent request log and output files display with delay

We faced one issue in our Oracle EBS R12  where users reported that Concurrent request log and output files are not displaying instantly but are showing up after few seconds of delay.

Same situation was faced when trying to open any manager log files. Since log/out were opening up fine, albeit with some delay, so RRA/FNDWR setup was evidently fine.

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REP-0189: Cannot write to Reports Server cache

We had seen one issue in EBS R12 in which simple report porgamrs like “Active users”  were throwing erorrs like below:

 Enter Password:
 REP-0118: Unable to create a temporary file.

REP-0189: Cannot write to Reports Server cache
 REP-0069: Internal error
 REP-57054: In-process job terminated:Terminated with error:
 REP-189: Cannot write to Reports Server cache
 this is the error in Log file
 APPLLCSP Environment Variable set to :

Current NLS_LANG and NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS Environment Variables are :

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WebSessionManagerProc could not be resolved has been detected in FND_WEB_SEC.VALIDATE_LOGIN

We faced one clone issue in EBS R12. The login screen was blank and oacore log has the below error message
“javax.servlet.ServletException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Guest user/pwd does not exist or match: GUEST/ORACLE”

GUEST user validation was also failing.

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apps database login hangs after database refresh

In our EBS R12/ 11g database we have seen that apps database user login from SQLPLUS hangs after refresh.


During refresh process, after database recover/open and starting the database listener, apps login starts to hang. adconfig/ also hangs as it uses apps to connect to database
On checking alert log, there were continuous “inbound connection timed out (ORA-3136)” error.
On stopping the database listener, apps login was working fine.

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