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The Applications File Server could not open the file for read in Oracle EBS

One of our EBS R12 instance was giving below kind of errors when users were trying to open the log and out files of Concurrent requests from EBS front end.

“The Applications File Server could not open the file /fs01/logs/appl/conc/log/l106163221.req for read”

Our EBS application is multi-node with two nodes application tier and single node database instance. Concurrent Mangers run on both of the application nodes using PCP.

We verified the FNDFS entries in both of our EBS instance and all entries were pingable. Both the application nodes had each other’s FNDFS entries and all were working fine.

We verified the Application listener status on both Application nodes and that too was working OK.

We also verified that file was available at both the nodes or not and we found the answer to our issue. Since this is multi-node application system with PCP, one basic requirement is that $APPLCSF should point to shared directory so that concurrent processes can access the log/out file from any of the node.

It was found that $APPLCSF was pointing to different values in both Application nodes. Mostly some Junior DBA forgot to put right value after refresh process.

Below simple steps helped in sorting out the issue:

A) Identify a shared file system between the two Application nodes.

B) Modify Context file in BOTH application node and use same value for $APPLCSF, $APPLLOG and $APPLOUT

C) Run Autoconfig on both the nodes

D) Restart the Application Services and test again.


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