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GoldenGate Subdirectories Brief Details

After successfully installing Oracle GoldenGate 12c, it will create a lot of sub-directories structure which will be used by the different components of Oracle GoldenGate. There are so many directories that new user will get confused what to look where.The directories are the default locations for GoldenGate when creating objects and parameter files.

Below are the brief description of each directory:

Sub-directories  Description 
dirbdb  This directory contains the GoldenGat e datastor e files
dirchk  This directory contains the GoldenGate checkpoint files. Extract and Replicat processes stores current read and write positions in the checkpoint file to support data accuracy and fault tolerance. Extension of the file is either .cpe for Extract checkpoint files or .cpr for Replicat checkpoint files.
dircrd  This directory contains the GoldenGate Credential Store
dirdat  This directory contains the GoldenGate trail files. Created by Extract/Pump processes to store records of extracted data for further processing (example to be processed further by replicat process).File name format starts with a user-defined two-character prefix.
dirdef  This directory contains the GoldenGate definition mapping files. data definitions files are created by the DEFGEN utility and it contain source or target data definitions used in a heterogeneous synchronization environment. Written in external ASCII. File name format is a user-defined name specified in the DEFGEN parameter file.
dirdmp  This directory contains the GoldenGate process dump
dirjar  This directory contains the GoldenGate Java Archive
dirout  This directory contains the GoldenGate output files
dirpcs  This directory contains the GoldenGate process files. It is default location for status files. File name is <group>.<extension> where <group> is the name of the group and <extension> is either pce (Extract), pcr (Replicat), or pcm (Manager). These files are only created while a process is running. The file shows the program name, the process name, the port and process id that is running.
dirprm  This directory contains the GoldenGate process parameter files. It store run-time parameters for GoldenGate process groups or utilities. Written in external ASCII format. File name format is <group name/user-defined name>.prm or mgr.prm.
dirrpt  This directory contains the GoldenGate process report. It is default location for process report files created by Extract, Replicat, and Manager processes to report statistical information relating to a processing run. Written in external ASCII format.
File name format is <group name><sequence number>.rpt where <sequence number> is a sequential number appended to aged files.
dirsql  This directory contains the GoldenGate user defined files. It iis default location for scripts created by the TRIGGEN utility to contain SQL syntax for creating GoldenGate logging triggers and GoldenGate log tables. Written in external format.

File name format is a user-defined name or the defaults of GGSLOG (table-creation script) or the table name (trigger-creation script), with the extension of .sql.
These scripts can be edited if needed.

dirtmp  This directory contains the GoldenGate temporary files. It is default location for storing large transactions when the size exceeds the allocated memory size.
dirwlt  This directory contains the GoldenGate wallet files
dirwww  This directory contains the GoldenGate web pages
dirver  This directory contains the GoldenGate Veridata files



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