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FRM-41839: Disk I/O error on temporary record buffer file %s

We faced a production issue where forms temporary process files become so large that it filled up the /tmp.

/tmp directory is limited space directory which is used by many processes and many application process gets impacted if this directory is full.

The error that was showing up on forms side was as below:


FRM-41839: Disk I/O error on temporary record buffer file %s



An I/O error occurred on attempting to read or write a record to the temporary record buffer file.



Verify that the file system or directory in which the file resides exists, and that you have permissions to read and write to it, and that it contains sufficient space.



This is a known Forms issue that can occur when a query is executed which will return a large number of records and disk space is limited.

The error is raised when Forms is trying to create a temporary file which will store the results of the query but there is not enough free disk space

available (on the drive which is assigned to TEMP/TMP).


Either free up enough space on this drive to allow the temporary file to be created or move the contents of the TEMP directory to a different drive.



  1. Keep backup of $INST_TOP/ora/10.1.2/forms/server/default.env and $CONTEXT_FILE
  2. Update the TMPDIR environment variable in the file – $INST_TOP/ora/10.1.2/forms/server/default.env to come other directory path which has enough space and writable instead of /tmp
  3. Update the CONTEXT_FILE and edit the (s_forms_tmpdir) parameter  to came new directory path instead of /tmp
  4. Restart forms services


This is a completely risk-free configuration change and will require forms services bounce (5 minutes outage only)

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