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System Hold, Fix Manager before resetting counters

We have seen this error couple of times in the Concurrent manager Administer screen in our 11i/R12 EBS instances.

Below steps have proven helpful in sorting out this issue:

1. Stop all middle tier services including the concurrent managers.
Please make sure that no FNDLIBR, FNDSM, or any dead process is running.

2. Stop the database.

3. Start the database.

4. Go to cd $FND_TOP/bin
$ force=y link_debug=y “fnd FNDLIBR”
$ force=y link_debug=y “fnd FNDFS”
$ force=y link_debug=y “fnd FNDCRM”
$ force=y link_debug=y “fnd FNDSM”

5. Run the CMCLEAN.SQL script and commit..

6. Execute the following SQL:


7. Start the middle tier services including your concurrent manager.



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Brijesh Gogia

I’m an experienced Oracle Applications DBA with more than a decade of full-time DBA experience. I have gained a wide knowledge of the Oracle software stack and have worked on several big projects for multi-national companies. I enjoy working with the leading-edge technology and have passion for database performance and stability. Thankfully my work allows me time for researching new technologies (and to write about them).
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