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Changing Oracle Applications Users password

Oracle provides a utility called FNDCPASS that allows you to change passwords in batch mode.

It is highly advisable to back up the FND_ORACLE_USERID table and the FND_USER table before changing passwords for important users like apps

Format of FNDCPASS command:





The above example would be used to change the applsys password. By specifying SYSTEM parameter, FNDCPASS expects the next argument in the command to be the applsys name and the password we want for the applsys user.

This command will also Re-encrypt all of the passwords in the FND_USER and FND_ORACLE_USERID table based on the new applsys password.

Remember that APPLSYS’s password and APPS’s password always have to be identical.



Here parameter ORACLE with AP passes Oracle as a parameter, telling FNDCPASS that it is an Oracle user ID and password so it will update and re-encrypt the password in the FND_ORACLE_USERID table and run the alter user identified by script at the database level.



Here we are changing password of Normal EBS user password example SYSADMIN.

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