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Difference between OBIEE and OBIA (& other related terms)

Brief Definitions related to Oracle Business Intelligence for novice :


1) Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 
– comprehensive suite of enterprise BI products that delivers a full range of analysis and reporting capabilities
– Contains components like BI Answers, Interactive Dashboards, Disconnected Analytics, Briefing Books, BI Administrator
– Latest Version > (as on 04-Oct-12)

2) Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus (EE) 
– Contains ALL components of OBIEE + additional Oracle Hyperion reporting products

3) Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA) 
– are complete, prebuilt BI solutions
– built on the Oracle BI Suite Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)
– consist of applications like Oracle Financial Analytics, HR Analytics, Marketing Analytics etc.
– Latest version > (as on 04-Oct-12)

4) Informatica Power PowerCenter and PowerConnect Adapters
– used in the background as the ETL engine
– Oracle BI Applications uses Informatica PowerCenter to perform extract, transform and load routines to move data from source database(s) to the Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse
– version to be used > 9.0.1 hotfix 2

5) DAC (Data Warehouse Administration Console) 
– considered an important part of OBIEE
– generally used in conjuction with Informatica components
– some important functions include : Managing the Execution Sequence, Scheduling, Run Dates Management etc




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