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Acroread on AIX 6.1

Acroread can’t be installed on AIX 6.1 …what next then?

AIX 6.1 doesn’t support acroread.You can use pdftops or pdf2ps on AIX platform with your Oracle Applications environment.
In our case we thought of using  pdf2ps – Ghostscript PDF for our Apps 11i setup. You need to setup PASTA, and then set your concurrent program and printer to use Style “PDF Publisher”.
pdf2ps uses gs(1) to convert the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) file “input.pdf” to PostScript(tm) in “”.Normally the output is allowed to use PostScript Level 2 (but not PostScript LanguageLevel3) constructs; the -dLanguageLevel=1 option restricts the output to Level 1, while -dLanguageLevel=3 allows using LanguageLevel 3 in the output.After installing pdf2ps, Verify that the file $FND_TOP/resource/pasta_pdf.cfg  is present in your Apps 11i environment and that it contains only one “uncommented” entry corresponding to the installed third party tool, as follows.
Full path to the third party software tool may be required if the tool is not within the system’s path or a known concurrent processing path.
preprocess=acroread -toPostScript -pairs {infile} {outfile}
preprocess=pdftops {infile} {outfile}
preprocess=pdf2ps {infile} {outfile}

> Print your XML generated PDF report with the “PDF Publisher” print style.

NOTE : If the concurrent program has some other print style defined as “Style Required” it will need to be changed (Responsibility = System Administrator, Navigate –> Concurrent: Program: Define). Otherwise, the program’s definition will override the style specified within the Submit Request form at run time.

> Bounce the concurrent manager.

Why we need to bounce the concurrent manager?


Printer type, print style and printer driver information is cached in memory; in order for any printer setup form changes to take effect, the concurrent managers will need to be bounced / restarted. Make sure the shutdown program has completed and that FNDLIBR processes have terminated before invoking the concurrent manager startup script, otherwise the initial shutdown concurrent request will be cancelled. ps -ef grep FNDLIBR


Few metalink notes related to PDF printing


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